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Hands-on Organ Bath Technics

This course will introduce the trainees to the basic organ bath technics on isolated guinea pig tracheal preparations. The gained experience with tracheal smooth muscle can be useful and applicable for another smooth muscle preparation too. The trainees will understand the function of each components (hardware and software) of the complex scientific equipment. They will also be familiar with tissue dissection, physiological solution prepartion, drug dissolution and administration, data aquisition, evaluation, traitment, primary data registration and presentation. All the theoretical background will be explained in the brench during the hands-on trainings. Following the organ bath system presentation by an expert the trainees will have opportunities to use the organ bath system and to do experiment alone with the guidance and supervision of a trainer. By the end of the course each trainees will optain and take home their results with the course documentation. If the trainee gives us a permission to take photos about him/her during the course these photos will be attached to the final documentation proving his/her activities on organ bath system. The course is 4-day long. If a trainee wants to spend one or more days with doing experiments alone and/or with a supervisor it is a real option for extra fee.

After the course LabMagister’s staff is ready for consultation and/or give expert oppinion to the trainees arriving back to his/her host institute. The first consultation is free of charge. After that each consultation will cost 100€+VAT (VAT is 27% at present in Hungary) per every started hour.

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Highlights: Theoretical background of the isolated organ technics; organ bath systems; physiological solutions; organ is using for ; some important points-temperature-pH-O2/CO2 , types of agonis/antagonist examinations; pA2;pD2 etc.; introduction of the equipment in the lab; preparation of the physiological stock solutions; short presentation of the data aquisation software; calibration; call back old experiments; final dissolutions-bath solution, agonist measurements etc.; execution of the animals-dissection of the organ; mounting organ; spontaneous tone/without spontaneous tone; agonist&wash out; concentration-response; ED50 dose+antagonist+ED50 dose; evaluation of the results; data treatment;-calculations-biostatistics;lab-notebook; formal requirements.

Learning outcome:

The trainees will be familiar with organ bath technics, the advantages and disadvantages of this in vitro technics. They will have opportunities to carry out experiments with his/her own hands. They will also learn how to plan, carry out, evaluate the experiments, understand, register and explain the results. After this course they will be ready to start doing organ bath experiments in his/her host institute alone.

detailed program

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 - 08:30 to Friday, May 24, 2013 - 17:30