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Pharmacology summer course - Overview

This Pharmacology Summer Course programme consists of three modules. Starting with Basic in vitro laboratory skill course, following that with Basic in vivo laboratory skill course and finishing with Advanced in vivo laboratory practice course. You can participate any (1250€/week/person) or all of them. If you participate on two of them we will offer you 5% discount (2375 €/two weeks/person) while if you will choose all the three ones we will provide them for you with 10% discount (3375€/3 weeks/person) from the participation fee. You will see the details and updates on the homepage of Labmagister Ltd.

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Basic in vitro combined with organ bath technics: Introduction of the most frequently used tools and equipment in the labs like pipettes, syringes, stirrers, heaters, balances, centrifuges etc. You will learn how to use them. You will also be tought how to work safe in the lab. In the organ bath module you will be familiar with the followings: organ bath systems; physiological solutions; organ is using for ; some important points-temperature-pH-O2/CO2, types of agonis/antagonist examinations; pA2;pD2 etc.; introduction of the equipment in the lab; preparation of the physiological stock solutions; short presentation of the data aquisation software; calibration; call back old experiments; final dissolutions-bath solution, agonist measurements etc.; execution of the animals-dissection of the organ; mounting organ; spontaneous tone/without spontaneous tone; agonist&wash out; concentration-response; ED50 dose+antagonist+ED50 dose; evaluation of the results; data treatment;-calculations-biostatistics;lab-notebook; formal requirements.

Basic in vivo module is dealing with rodent handling, treating and tagging laboratory rodents, making groups, measuring body temperature and how to do aseptic interventions. Having learnt these basic things the trainee will have the opportunity to do i.p. proinflammatory trigger injection followed lavage, cell counting using heamatocytometer, using cytocentrifuge, evaluation of lavage smears etc.

Advanced in vivo course will introduce the trainee to the in vivo lung inflammation models including lung challenges with proinflammatory triggers, doing and evaluating leukocyte speciments in the bronchoalveolar lavage. Taking out spleen and preparing splenocytes triggered in vitro with LPS let the trainees to practice basic cell culturing and measuring biomarkers from supernatants.

Learning outcomes
This summer course is focusing on hands-on laboratory practice. The objective of this course is to let an opportunity to the students to study how to use the basic laboratory tools and to be familiar with basic and advanced in vivo pharmacology models and technics.

The course will be organised on request. 

Detailed program
    Basic in vitro laboratory practice & organ bath technics
    Basic in vivo laboratory practice
    Advanced in vivo laboratory practice